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I am Robin
Hi there!
Throughout my childhood I had a couple of cameras. My first was a Polaroid. My second was a red 110 camera. When I was 13 years old my dad gave me my third camera, a Pentax MX SLR with a 52mm prime and a 55-230mm zoom. I loved that manual camera! I used it throughout high school shooting sporting events and assignments for the school newspaper.

Many cameras later, I now shoot with Sony cameras and a quiver of
unbeatable lenses. With these tools I have captured the best images of my career, shot weddings, filmed independent movie trailers and fundraising pitches, short films, proof-of-concept commercials, and a 16 episode web series. To see my filmmaking projects, aviation background, and other work, please visit my personal website RobinLeabman.com.

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