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I always had an interest in theater for some reason. I was always in awe of the actors on stage who could give such emotionally and physically convincing performances. While in high school I expressed an interest in theater to one of my teachers who without hesitation quipped, “oh Robin, you’re not the theater type.” Even though I was one of the smart-ass kids who never shut up in class, I guess she would know and I believed her. I never brought it up again for the rest of my high school education.

While pursuing my aviation degree at the University of Central Missouri, my roommates and friends all told me I should be in theater. I had my reservations, but went to the university auditions nonetheless. I was cast in a children's play called “Beanie and the Bamboozling Book Machine”! As luck would have it, UCM not only had a great aviation program, but their theater was the newest and the most technically advanced in the state of Missouri. The production value in all the shows produced and performed on that stage were worthy of Broadway. I’ll never forget the first time I walked out onto that stage during tech rehearsals and the art department had flown in their backdrops and wheeled in their sets. I was suddenly transported to this fantasy world that was the setting of our show…and I was HOOKED!

My aviation exploits eventually landed me in Los Angeles, where I began pursuing my acting hobby whilst flying jets around the world. I admit that was not a career combination destined to succeed. Pursuing acting and aviation concurrently is like trying to combine oil and water. They naturally separate and will never mix, even though I convinced myself I could somehow make it work. However, if my acting began to achieve any momentum, my aviation career would suffer. Because I had spent so much of my life trying to become a superb aviator, I could never let my flying skills and everything I had achieved in aviation falter. I am now happily flying around the world as a Gulfstream G5 captain.

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Robin Leabman Actor Bio Robin Leabman Actor Bio Robin Leabman Actor Bio Robin Leabman Actor Bio  


"When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder?” was a fun and somewhat demented play I was so lucky to have been a part of. We decided to cut together a video of our play. It’s not perfect, in fact far from it as you’ll see a character being playing by a completely different actor in the second act.


Concurrent with my pursuits and achievements as an actor, I ventured into casting and producing. I honestly found producing to be much more challenging and equally as rewarding. I always had a mind for leadership, organization, and creativity. Producing is the only job I’ve had where I could flex all three of those muscles at the same time.

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Robin Leabman Producer Bio Robin Leabman Producer Bio Robin Leabman Producer Bio





Production company formed by Robin Leabman.ROTAIVA PicturesProduction company formed by Robin Leabman.

“Lee’s Last Stand” was made as a part of a film competition called the 168 Hour Film Festival. Several filmmakers had exactly one week to conceptualize, write, produce, edit, score, and complete a short film. This was my first time producing, but it was such an enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially because I co-produced with a my friends Patricia Rigney and Jennifer Bobiwash from “Red Ryder”. The film was also the launchpad for my production company, Rotaiva Pictures. (Rotaiva is “Aviator” spelled backwards.)

“Glow” is a project I’m extremely happy to have been a part of. It stars Kurtis Bedford, who also co-wrote and co-produced with Humanity Pictures and Rotaiva Pictures.