Max Leabman YosemiteMax Leabman Yosemite      I was first drawn to cameras through my love for Action Sports and the opportunity they created to capture, share and re-live the best moments and experiences in our lives. My love for Action Sports led me to the mountains to pursue the outdoor playground lifestyle. The utter peace and powerful beauty of the mountains has inspired me to appreciate the minute details and search out the perfect moments in nature. I want my photography and cinematography to inspire people to appreciate all the perfect moments mixed into our imperfect lives and nature's ability to facilitate and encourage these awe-inspiring moments!

     I have continued to develop my skills and passion for using my camera and find that it is an incredible tool to create images that inspire people to share and re-live their favorite moments. I genuinely appreciate being able to use my ability to find the right light and connections with people, filtered through my lens, to help people find beautiful moments in their lives! If there is an occasion, person, furry companion, place, experience, etc. that is important to you, I want to help you display the value and importance that has for you through images that can last forever.